Superbowl weekend kicks off the spring homebuying season!
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Setting the Stage

Frimming family, needed to upgrade from their 1,199 sq ft slab ranch, so their two boys, 3 dogs and 2 cats could have more room to roam and play. 

Their journey to a new home started 5 years ago, their biggest fear was getting enough from their old home to purchase they home they would need for their family. 

Our Must-Haves

Their new home had to be 4 or bedrooms, needed a large fenced yard, a two car garage, an office area and a man cave for dad (Todd). It also needed to be in a good school district or stay in their current one since mom (Amy) is a school nurse at the boys school which makes summer break a blast. 

They wanted a home that would grow with them and their family, a home that would be there as the kids went off to college in like 11 years. A place to host Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, and all the little things in between. 

We were afraid our house wouldn't sell for more than we paid for it in 2009....

Over the 5 years that we discussed selling and moving to a bigger home, our resounding biggest fear was that our existing house wouldn't sell for more than what we bought it for. We couldn't see who want this small ranch that we had outgrown, with all the stains and messes from our kids and pets on the carpet we felt stuck here. 

Curtis surprised us

Curtis, came in and reminded us that when we bought this house it was perfect for us, just what we needed and that someone else would come along and it would be perfect for them too. He gave us great tips and tricks to help make our house shine, such as painting, replacing the carpet, and installing new ceiling fans. When we told Curtis we weren't handy and couldn't really afford to pay out of pocket for these changes he offered us a program where we borrowed the money without affecting our credit or deed and we just paid the money back at closing. 

Amy's advice to others

My advice to others is to trust the Clemons Team, it might be scary to put $6,000 into your house before you sell it but it will all be worth it to just follow the plan and start talking to them and asking questions now even if you think you can't make your move for another few years. 


We were able to sell our house for $25,000 over the asking price. Never in a million years did we think that would be possible. This extra money helped us buy a wonderful home and do the necessary upgrades to make it our dream home. 



Ready To Sell Your Home?

We're ready to embark on this journey with you, and make it unforgettable.

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