Superbowl weekend kicks off the spring homebuying season!
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The Biggs Family 

      A Journey Home           

Here's the situation

After the pandemic started we, like most people, felt like we had new priorities and wanted to shake up our lifestyles.  Unfortunately for us, the economy was not on our side and we landed with our extended family trying to clean up the mess.

Having no place to go

We are a family of four with a small farm, due to my inability to avoid rescuing animals.  When you’re an animal lover it’s hard to find a place to rent, and let’s be honest, rent isn’t exactly affordable.  We spent about a year trying to pay down debt and saving what we could.

Patience isn't my Vertue 

Finding a house took some patience, which isn’t a quality I possess, but luckily we had a team who was on our side and patient with us. 

We looked at a lot of houses, lost out on a few, and finally found one that fit our needs.  

My commute to work has been cut down significantly and we have just enough space for the whole gang.  We’re very excited to have a place that will cost less than renting would. 

"We moved just in time for Christmas and we’ve enjoyed spending our first couple of weeks at home, celebrating our family traditions."

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